I’m a digital marketing professional with a keen eye on design aesthetic and web technologies. Coming from a STEM background and having a constant need to travel, I’ve combined my strengths and passions to create MAPAFY.

Whether to reminisce about previous travel destinations or as a simple reminder of your homeland, our city map prints are the perfect showpiece that fits with any decor. It’s all about remembering your past experiences.

The entire idea started when I wanted to showcase my travel experiences without the need to bring home tacky souvenirs that would have been hidden anyways. Map prints were the solution and many companies offer them but the prices these companies were (and still are) charging was astronomical. Having worked previously in a creative capacity, I set out to design my own maps and invested in professional printing equipment to produce them myself.

I started MAPAFY because I wanted to ensure there was a lower-priced entry point to these city map prints for anyone that wanted one for the same reason I wanted one.

Randy C.


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We’re proudly Canadian and based in Vancouver, British Columbia.